A record

Our World

In the early nineties I travelled extensively and tried to record as much as I could as the World changed.

China has changed immesurably over the past few decades.  These pictures record something of what I saw when travelling through the country 20 years ago.

Clockwise from top left:
1.  Charming girl
2.  Brickworks - hand cleaning bricks
3.  Making the mix in the brickworks
4.  Tractor at brickworks
5.  Chinese opera
6.  Policeman in rickshaw in Beijing
7.  Hong Kong food stall
8.  Barge on the Grand Canal
9.  Fruit stall in the Hutong district of Beijing
10.  Child in the doorway to a courtyard in the Hutong district of Beijing
11.  Painted and flagged car in Chengde - non of my Chinese friends had the remotest idea why it was painted or what it was for
12.  Buddhist monk in Chengde temple.

In 1988 I rode a motorbike through Africa, spending a year in the saddle.  I returned about 5 years later and explored more.


Somewhere in the Algerian Sahara I need fuel for the bike.


Extinct volcanoes leave a solid core when the softer outer mountain has eroded, leaving trachyte plus standing hard above the sand.


Sunset high in the Hoggar Mountains, deep in the Sahara


Elephants wade above Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

I first visited Argentina to climb Acongagua in 1991.  I went back about 4 years later and travelled through the country, loving the vastness and variety.  At a ranch I watched gauchos demonstrating their skills before they handed me a horse and I had huge fun tearing around with them; and hobbled in pain for a week afterwards, thighs screaming from gripping the saddle, unused to such punishment.

Clockwise from left:
1. Sentry outside governmernt building in Buenos Aries
2, 3, 4. Gauchos
5. Eva Peron's grave
6. Gaucho money belt
7. Mountains from the pampas

Clockwise left to right:

Rubber tapping in the jungle
Floating market
The flower of a bannana plant

In 1989 rode a Kawasaki KLR650 to Iceland, Faroe Islands and in the Shetland Islands the rear mono-shock finally gave up the ghost after 22,000 miles over appalling roads in African and the far north.

Clockwise left to right:

Statue in Reykyavik
Geysers explode in the national park
Fish farming, the early days in Europe

Shot around 1994.  Clockwise from left:

The Ganges at Varanasi x 2
Camel transport
Tea plantation
Cargo transport

1. Swayambhunath Stupa
2. Swayambhunath Stupa
3. Sadhu